Andrea Hackl

Andrea Hackl is based in Austria and the Netherlands and works as choreographer, dancer and teacher as well as video artist. Her work cherishes the power and poetry of dance & its physicality & is, most of all, a celebration of life.

She’s inspired by cross-pollination & interdisciplinary work, by seeing how different fields can nourish and enrich one another. Her understanding of dance & movement got formed, enriched and deepened by conventional techniques as much as somatic and sensorial work.

Hackl cherishes improvisation in collaboration with musicians an has produced work in collaboration with scientists, mostly addressing the subject of human-nature relationships Over the last years she has produced various films, presented in Europe, US and Asia and has been exploring the medium of installation and hybrid installation performances. Hackl has danced with companies like Emanuel Gat Dance, United C, Suzy Blok & Fabian Chyle and toured major venues and festivals world-wide.

Website: www.andreahackl.com

detailed CV: https://andreahackl.com/curriculum-vitae/

masterclass for professionals - interplay

My class is very physical and offers a playground to challenge and hopefully surprise ourselves. Movement, be it floor work or standing material, is approached as directing and streaming an energetic flow, respecting a natural trajectory and alignment. This allows us to be energetic and, as well, to gain speed, if so wished, in the most enjoyable, efficient, organic as well as healthy way – be it in minimal or expanded movements flying through and eating the space.

As much as I love the clarity of lines, my work is never about creating “shapes”. It focuses on weight and the stream of breath as generators of movement; on how to utilize these in an ongoing interplay between release, recovery and a conscious act of directing. In this work, I wish to offer a set framework to explore ways to activate and fully reconnect to our agile and powerful body.


Aleksandrina Dimitrova


Sasha has been pacticing Dancesport for 16 years and has always been fascinated by the brazilian culture. At 2008 she devotes to capoeira and brazilian dances and since 2009 she is a teacher of samba and other typical brazilian. She has participated in many seminars,leaded by Brazilian teachers and held in Sofia, Amsterddam,Prague, Samothraki.Her current studies of the contemporary dance provide her with different teaching methodics as well as breaking through the variete form of samba.

masterclass - capoeira

African dance and samba solo :
The African fundamental dance builds about 90% of the appearance of Brazilian dance genres. Ritual dances carried over from the slaves to the Portuguese colonies of Brazil develop independently, giving rise to samba , and hence the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.
By the movements of Afro we will relax the body, so we can achieve the flexibility and speed of the dancers from the carnival . The styles are not only applicable for women, men are warmly invited.